Coldrooms & Processing Areas

Insulated Panels

Insulated Panels have a white food-safe finish and are widely used in the food industry for constructing all internal walls and ceilings, they can be used to form civil and changing rooms, storage and processing areas, blast or storage fridges and freezers.

Insulation in the panel core is either PIR or mineral fibre and carries an associated FR30 or FR60 fire rating which satisfies current requirements from both the fire officer and insurance companies.

We deal with some of the largest and smallest names in food production in the South West and offer a bespoke in-house design and build consultancy service that covers all aspects of work involved with insulated panels.


We move, modify & repair coldrooms, insulated panels, doorways, windows and product hatches to make your building suit your process.

We also carry out routine maintenance and refurbishment visits to make sure that factory fabric doesn’t become an issue for auditors and operatives alike.

Modular Coldrooms

Stand–alone modular coldrooms come either “off the shelf” in a range of sizes or can be tailor-made to any specific size and shape.


Coldrooms for Caterers

We supply and fit a range of stand-alone coldrooms great for storage and busy kitchens, generally they come ‘off the shelf’ or with a short lead-time in sizes that step up by 100mm, alternativley they can be made to order any shape or style to suit a specific application.

They are cost effective up to a size of around 3m x 4m and can be floored or floorless for high temperature chillers they can also be fitted with either hinged or sliding doors.

Refrigeration systems can either be ‘through the wall’ modular units that are competitive in terms of price and work well in large airy and well ventilated rooms or more conventional split systems where the heat and noise are generated outside the room.

For larger coldrooms and processing areas we supply and install a range of insulated panels – please see our section ‘Coldrooms – Food Manufacturers’.