Design & Installation

We specialise in design and planning of bespoke installations to meet individual needs. From a large warehouse installation to a high street retail outlet, no job is too big or too small. Please call to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

The Raj

A modular coldroom, they come ‘pre-made’ in a range of sizes and provide a cost effective solution for anybody wanting chilled or frozen storage. This one is at The RAJ in Exeter and was different as it was down a set of stairs and had to be made specially as the maximum panel width was 900mm.

Generally they come ‘off the shelf’ or with a short lead-time in sizes that step up by 100mm and are cost effective up to a size of around 3m x 4m. Floored or floorless for high temperature chillers they can also be fitted with a selection of hinged or sliding doors.

For this one, we proposed and installed a remote fridge system with the condenser unit on an outside wall. Without exception, the lower the operating temperature of the condenser unit (the outside bit), the lower the operating costs and the greater the lifespan.

The alternative to this type of system is the cheaper modular or ‘through the wall’ system. In crude terms, these units stick through the coldroom wall and the inside gets cold whilst the outside gets hot.

They are quick, easy and correspondingly cheap, but because the heat is generated immediately outside the coldroom they are only cost effective in the long term if the coldroom is in a large airy and particularly well ventilated room.

Chunk of Devon

Chunk are a successful manufacturer of pies and pasties based in Ottery St Mary. Driven by increasing sales, they recently made a commitment to expand into the next door unit and were faced with converting a standard industrial unit into a food factory.

Simon originally contacted us to talk about a series of coldrooms for raw materials and work in progress, and planned to divide the rest of the unit using studwork and plastic with a suspended ceiling.
We suggested using PIR coldroom panels to do the whole job and took him to see a similar installation. The result is 2000 sq.ft of new manufacturing area, all installed by our own team and made from white hygienic food safe panels with a walk-on ceiling of the same material.

The fire rated panels form an ideal food manufacturing ‘box’ within the existing unit and are split into chilled, production and ambient areas.