Heat Pumps

JTR are fast becoming the South West’s leading installers, repairers and maintainers of carbon reducing, renewable low-energy heat pump systems, which will power the majority of the nation’s homes and businesses in the future.

Air and ground source heat pumps and renewables offer a proven, CO2 reducing and money saving alternative to fossil fuel boilers and electricity bought from the grid. A heat pump will provide up to 100% of the heating and hot water used, for as little as 30% of the running costs of a standard oil-fired boiler.

We’ve installed and serviced heat pump systems in homes, businesses and community buildings throughout the South West. We can advise builders, developers and home-owners on the design of heat pump systems to precisely suit each property and budget. We maximise the efficiency of the systems installed whether they run alongside existing radiators or require a complete new heating system to be designed.

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We are an established West Country refrigeration business that has embraced the market for air and ground source heat pumps. We understand the technology and we believe this gives us an unrivalled opportunity not only to design and install systems that work but also to service and repair systems that are not working to their full potential. We can also install systems that can be run with existing radiators and in conjunction with the hot water boilers of wood burning, oil fired, electric and gas run stoves.

JTR believe in heat pumps and the part they have to play in replacing conventional boilers that provide central heating and hot water. They have a significant role to play in reducing our demand on fossil fuels and reduce both energy consumption and C02 emissions.

In order to fulfil their potential; good design and installation is crucial, heat pump design is more sensitive than conventional boiler systems and is important in providing a system that provides the predicted results. They’re not suited to every property, almost without exception heat pumps have a smaller heat output than a more conventional oil or gas boiler and this means in some situations we would recommend the insulation of the property is improved before the heat pump is fitted.

Our expertise is in retrofits into existing properties and special projects and we’re able to offer a full design and installation service throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset that includes the following:

  • Initial site survey
  • Recommendation for modification of the existing system
  • Heat pump recommendation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Free servicing in the first twelve months
  • Continued after sales support

We believe in the product and our own ability to design a system that works. We also believe that after sales support is an important part of any project and a crucial part of maintaining both our reputation and that of the equipment.

If you have any problems with the installation we’ll send an engineer to quickly resolve any issues. In the first twelve months following installation we’ll carry out two free of charge service visits to make sure the new equipment is performing as expected. After the guarantee period we’d be pleased to quote for ongoing routine service. We are always available for any queries or concerns.