Using RDM programmable controllers and associated software we can produce bespoke programmes to suit any process. We welcome anything new but currently have experience of working with the following products:

  • Cheese ripening and maturing rooms

  • Biltong production

  • Tempering units for defrost control

  • Dry aged meat storage

  • Cream production

  • Chilled water for factory process

  • Combined ventilation systems with odour control​


Some recent examples of our work include:

  • Refrigeration controls that follow a specific cooling curve with a countdown timer and product menu for different profiles

  • Heating, cooling and humidity control with cycle selection and operator modifiable parameters

  • Tempering unit controls with heating and cooling stages controlled using multiple product probes

  • Fan speed control to automatically control room pressure

  • Compressor control to maintain demand capacity

  • Automatic equipment control to stay within electrical supply limits