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From single coldrooms to entire sites, advancing technology has made temperature monitoring and remote control an easy option.

We utilise the latest technologies and offer the following solutions:

  • Monitoring, alarms and 24hr visibility via a smartphone app for up to four sensors.

  • Expandable RDM systems for an infinite number of devices with facility to monitor any device including: room temperature, plant performance, refrigerant leaks and energy consumption.

Temperature Monitoring: About Us


The RDM systems we offer, provide a more elaborate range of features that include:

  • Visibility either remotely or from any PC on the local area network

  • Access to individual controllers with the ability to make a diagnosis and change settings remotely

  • Temperature control, monitoring and historical records

  • Humidity monitoring and control

  • Out of specification alarms

  • Plant fault alarms

  • Door open records and alarms

  • Leak detection monitoring and alarms

  • Energy consumption and monitoring

  • Facility to create bespoke programmes for special applications

RDM also has the facility to alarm on runtime or room temperature, this gives an earlier warning of an impending fault before it becomes a rise in room temperature.

Temperature Monitoring: About Us
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